How many episodes are in The Comey Rule?

The Comey Rule is a political drama that originally aired on Showtime last year. The series is based on A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership by former FBI director James Comey. The streaming service gained the rights to release The Comey Rule which is going to get centre stage once again for Netflix US subscribers.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Comey Rule.

How many episodes are in The Comey Rule?

The Comey Rule will be released on Netflix on Tuesday, September 27.

This series takes viewers back to 2016 during the whirlwind Presidential Elections and the years after the November election.

Much like the book, The Comey Rule goes into the clashing relationship between FBI director James Comey and Donald Trump.

The Newsroom actor Jeff Daniels portrays Comey, whereas Into the Storm’s Brendan Gleeson takes on the role of Trump.

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The Comey Rule is a two-part mini-series that was shown over two consecutive nights on Showtime in America in September last year.

Despite the unusually short length of the series, the drama overall is around 210 minutes long.

Unfortunately, the show is only going to be released on Netflix in the States.

So UK subscribers won’t be able to binge-watch The Comey Rule.

However, at the time of its original release, the series did air on Sky Atlantic.

Sky owns the streaming service NOW where the majority of its shows are ready to watch.

As it was shown on a Sky channel, The Comey Rule dropped on streaming service NOW shortly after.

The mini-series remains on NOW for its subscribers to dive straight into.

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The Comey Rule’s two episodes were split with each one focusing on two different time periods.

Episode one focused on the investigation into presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s email which was discovered not long before the election.

Whereas episode two was on Trump’s first few months as the President of the United States.

Given the nature of the drama, The Comey Rule was considered quite controversial at the time of its release.

Speaking about the show, Daniels said: “This is about James Comey’s experiences as FBI director under horrible circumstances.”

“Right or wrong, good or bad, he was the first whistleblower who knew what Trump was asking him to do and he took notes because he’s smart enough to know that this might matter.

“This project will remind people of the importance of country over party and the rule of law.”

The Comey Rule will be released on Netflix US tomorrow, Tuesday, September 28.

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