How much money Carla Gugino is actually worth

Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor is making a household name (or manor-hold name?) out of Carla Gugino! When a TV show starts trending online, oftentimes, so do its talented cast members. Take NBC’s The Good Place. After four beloved, unexpectedly heartfelt seasons, Jameela Jamil became a vocal presence on body image in Hollywood, William Jackson Harper starred in 2019’s Midsommar, and Manny Jacinto became the apple of Twitter’s eye. Fans are seeing a similar glow-up with Bly Manor, which has spooked its way into lasting popularity.

According to Forbes, in October 2020, the horror anthology series reigned over the platform’s No. 1 spot for a full week. But even past Halloween, the show — loosely based on the gothic novella The Turn of the Screw, much like its 2018 predecessor The Haunting of Hill House was loosely based on a Shirley Jackson novel — has stayed relevant. And its cast has, too.

The internet swooned when actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen (who plays Peter), recently revealed he’s six-foot-three and in touch with his emotions. “I am very sensitive, and I always have been… I’ve battled that my whole life,” he told InStyle (get this man a rom-com?). Kate Siegel (Viola) also turned heads when she got political. “I hope we all forget his name and we never mention him again,” the actress bluntly told Elle on Donald Trump.

Clearly, Bly Manor’s stars are sticking around. So scroll down to find out Carla Gugino’s (a.k.a. the Storyteller’s) net worth and where you’ve seen her before!

Carla Gugino is a successful star you've seen before

The Haunting of Bly Manor’s Carla Gugino has an impressive net worth to her name. Born in Florida, she moved to Los Angeles, Calif. at a young age and was encouraged to pursue acting by her aunt, per IMDb. She perhaps most famously appeared in the Spy Kids franchise as mom (and secret spy) Ingrid Cortez. Those films certainly helped increase Gugino’s fortune, as each grossed over $100 million globally, per Box Office Mojo

Gugino also played wife Emma across from Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas, a disaster film that was anything but at the box office. It grossed $473 million globally. And speaking of blockbusters, Gugino also starred in 2009’s Watchmen, which grossed hundreds of millions as well. Plus, she was handcuffed to a bed for some fun gone wrong in 2017’s fantastic horror film Gerald’s Game, also directed by the Haunting series’ Mike Flanagan. Much like that director, she has been a success for years and people are noticing. “When I was 13 I set out to be a transformational actor,” she told The New York Times in February 2020. “For me every medium feeds the others.” 

Gugino lives in an “open” and “modern” apartment in New York City, per Architectural Digest, and previously owned a 1927 Spanish home in the Hollywood Hills, which used to be the French Consulate, with husband and director Sebastian Gutierrez. She is worth an impressive $14 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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