How old is Shane MacGowan, who's The Pogues' singer's wife and why is he in a wheelchair?

Here's everything you need to know about the punk musician.

How old is Shane MacGowan? What's his background?

Shane MacGowan, 60, was born in Pembury, Kent, to Irish parents

He spent his early childhood in County Tipperary, Ireland, before the family moved back to England.

In 1976 he made headlines for having his earlobe smashed at a gig by The Clash.

Soon after he became the vocalist and songwriter of the punk band The Nipple Erectors, later named The Nips formed by Shanne Bradley.

When did Shane MacGowan form The Pogues?

In 1982 Shane formed The Pogues which drew on his traditional Irish music background.

The founding members were Shane on vocals, Peter "Spider" Tracy on tin whistle and Jem Finer on Banjo.

The Nips guitarist James Fearnley completed the line up on accordion along with Cait O'Riordan on bass and Andrew Ranken on drums.

The band was originally called Pogue Mahone – an anglicisation of póg mo thóin meaning "kiss my arse."

In 1987 Shane co-wrote Fairytale of New York which he performed with Kirsty McCall.

The Christmas single reached number one in the Irish charts and number two in the UK charts.

They also had a No8 hit with The Irish Rover and two top five albums – If I Should Fall From Grace With God and Peace and Love.

Who is Shane MacGowan's wife?

On November 26, 2018, Shane McGowan married his girlfriend of 32 years – Victoria Mary Clarke, 52.

He first met the Irish journalist when she was 16 and proposed 11 years later.

They tied the knot at a ceremony in Copenhagen with Johnny Depp performing as their wedding guitarist.

Victoria has written for various newspapers and magazines and wrote her husband's biography A Drink With Shane MacGowan.

In 2007 she appeared on Celebrities Go Wild on RTÉ, an Irish programme in which stars have to use their survival skills in rural Connemara.

She also appeared with Shane on the programme Victoria And Shane Grow Their Own – an RTÉ special in which the couple attempted to grow their own vegetables at an allotment in Dublin.

Why is Shane MacGowan in a wheelchair?

Shane MacGowan has been in a wheelchair since 2015 after he fell and fractured his pelvis when leaving a Dublin studio.

In an interview with Vice at the time he said: "It was a fall and I fell the wrong way"

"I broke my pelvis, which is the worst thing you can do. I'm lame in one leg, I can't walk around the room without a crutch.

"I am getting better, but it's taking a very long time. It's the longest I've ever taken to recover from an injury. And I've had a lot of injuries."

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