I’m A Celeb’s Shane Richie scarred for life after being thrown through glass door for flirting with man’s girlfriend

I'M A Celeb star Shane Richie has been scarred for life after being thrown through a glass door for flirting with another man’s girlfriend.

The shocking incident is the reason for the scar on Shane’s face which millions of fans will see as he continues his I’m A Celebrity adventure tonight.

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Actor Shane miraculously escaped serious injury in the assault which happened while he was working as a Bluecoat at holiday camp Pontins.

The 56-year-old, who used to play Alfie Moon in EastEnders, spent his late teens working at Pontins Holiday Park on the Isle of Wight, and boasted of bedding hundreds of women.

Writing about the incident in his book Rags to Richie, the star said a former pal called Goz was to blame.

“I’ve been asked many times: 'Shane how did you get that scar on your head?'" he says. 

“I like to blame Goz. One night he managed to get his hands on a blue movie. We’d arranged to meet some girls in their chalet to watch it. As I picked up the video I turned off the lights and heard a voice saying: “Oi, Bluecoat, come here, you tosser.”

Shane knew instantly who it was. Earlier in the night he’d been chatting up the man’s girlfriend. 

“I decided to brazen it out,” Shane said.”I shouted ‘come on, let’s have it. You and me now. What I didn’t see was his mates standing in the shadows behind him. I legged it at top speed keeping one hand on the video. 

“But when I came up to the glass double doors of the ballroom in the hotel one of the guys had caught up with me. He shoved me in the back sending me headfirst through the glass. It split my forehead open and I fell on the floor where the lads gave me a good kicking. But I never let go of the video.”

Details of the incident come days after The Sun on Sunday lifted the lid on Shane’s shocking sexual past including how he once indulged in a drug-fuelled orgy with six Essex girls.

The I'm A Celebrity campmate also told of bedding older women for money and having a threesome with a mother and daughter.

The actor, who lost his virginity at just 12, started working as a bluecoat when he was 16.

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