I'm a love coach but my marriage fell apart in lockdown and this is how I saved it – Celebs Go Dating's Anna Williamson

HAPPILY married Anna Williamson is best known as Celebs Go Dating's relationship guru who offers straight-talking advice to unlucky-in-love stars.

But despite being an experienced counsellor and life coach, Anna admits screaming rows with her husband in lockdown led to a crisis point in their marriage.

After getting her own relationship back on track, 40-year-old Anna was inspired to write a book, Where is the Love?, on tricky topics that could save others who are struggling.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Anna explained: "Relationships have had such a tumultuous time over the past couple of years, including my own.

"I'm happily married and I'm a relationship coach, but my gosh when you're thrust into an unpredictable circumstance, it's challenging."

TV presenter Anna married her toy boy husband Alex Di Pasquale, 33, seven years ago and have two children together.

Anna describes personal trainer Alex as a "very articulate, astute and emotionally intelligent man", but speaks honestly about the pressures they faced in the coronavirus pandemic.

It led to crisis talks as they attempted to work through their problems.

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"Of course I have humps in the road in my own marriage," admits Anna.

"My husband and I went into lockdown with a three-and-a-half-year-old and a newborn baby.

"Suddenly my job went down the toilet because I work in telly and my husband didn't know what was going on with his either.

"The rug was pulled out from underneath our feet without any warning, like lots of other couples.

"With that sudden shift in dynamic, we weren't prepared for it and we fell apart.

"We were screaming and rowing and frothing at the mouth. We didn't know what the hell we were doing.

"We had to really quickly regroup and think 'right, if we're going to get through this, we need to work as a team and get back on track.'

"I'm really happily married and my husband is a very articulate, astute, emotionally intelligent man. So I thought if 'my god if we're struggling then what the hell is happening with everyone else'."

Her own marriage issues inspired the idea behind her new book, which is released is tomorrow.

Anna says she got her relationship with Alex back to its best by:

  • Working as a team. Instead of focusing on what one person is thinking and feeling, acknowledge you are both going through something.
  • Always make time to listen to each other. Instead of arguing about the mess or chores, talk through your emotions.
  • Remember why you got together in the first place and what you love about that person.

Anna continues: "People think their relationships are broken, but they're not. They just need help communicating.

"Relationships should be worked at every single day. They are hard, they are difficult, of course they are.

"Spending your whole life with one person isn't going to always be a bed of roses.

"But before you chuck in the towel there are so many things you can do. It's important to remember why you got together in the first place. The book is reflective on the general issues that come up."

  • Where is the Love?: The Honest Guide to Dating and Relationships by Anna Williamson.
  • Published by Bloomsbury on February, 17 for £12.99. Available as Paperback, Audio and eBook.

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