Inside Amy Roloff’s Engagement To Chris Marek

Amy Roloff and Chris Malek started dating in 2016, following Amy’s divorce from Matt Roloff, according to PopCulture. The couple first met at a wine tasting event, though they didn’t get to talking until they saw each other a few weeks later at a pool party, according to Good Housekeeping. Chris brought up his motorcycle, and Amy was interested in going for a ride — so, that’s just what they did. That ride turned into casual lunches where the two got to know each other, ultimately ending up falling in love.

“It was definitely very different dating someone that is involved in the reality business, [with all] the cameras and people asking questions and getting personal. Some [strangers] saying nice things, some say very mean things,” Chris told Good Housekeeping about his relationship with Amy early on. It was hard for Chris to be the new guy in Amy’s life, because it wasn’t just her and her family; it was the whole world that was curious about him, many judging him and wondering if he had good intentions. Although the “Little People, Big World” star was convinced that Chris would be “out the door,” he stuck around, and, eventually things got better. “I think now the people that are watching have figured out that I’m not a paid actor, I’m real and my intentions are honorable,” Chris said. Things between him and Amy continued to blossom, and in 2019, he proposed. Read on for more.

Amy Roloff & Chris Malek are planning to wed in 2021

On September 18, 2019, Chris Malek asked Amy Roloff to marry him, according to People magazine. Chris presented Amy with a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring — which is exactly what she wanted — the day after her birthday at one of their favorite restaurants. “I’m excited, I’m so surprised, I’m thrilled! I never in a million years thought I’d be getting married again, but I also hoped for it! Now that it’s happening, I couldn’t be happier or more excited,” Amy told People. 

Amy and Chris are planning to get married in 2021, sometime in late August or early September, according to a post uploaded to Amy’s Instagram account on April 8. “I can’t believe in about [4.5] months I’ll be married to this man – my friend and partner and love for the rest of my life. I must admit I never thought I’d meet someone again that I wanted to say yes to and here I am. The second time around (and last) is quite different in a of good ways,” Amy’s caption read in part. On May 3, Amy shared a promo for the new season of “Little People, Big World,” and confirmed that some of the wedding planning process will be featured on the new season of the show. “You’ll see some big news, wedding plans, LOTS of adorable grandkids, and more when the new season premieres on May 11th,” Amy captioned an Instagram video.

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