Inside brave Kate Garraway’s home as she adds a wet room and lift ahead of husband Derek Draper’s return from hospital

KATE Garraway added a wet room and a lift to her home ahead of her husband Derek Draper's return from the hospital.

The Good Morning Britain host, 53, is hoping Derek – who has been battling Covid – will be discharged from hospital sometime this year.

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In preparation, Kate has been forced to make adjustments to her home in order to welcome Derek as he now needs a wheelchair to get around.

The ground floor lounge has been transformed into his new bedroom complete with a hospital bed.

Covid has damaged his body, causing him to lose eight stone and leaving him with holes in his heart and lungs.

Kate said during the doc: "At the moment what we're doing, we've got an occupational therapist that deals with the lay out of the home, looking at putting in a wet room – basically, ground floor living.

"He'll either be on a stretcher or a wheelchair. And also they're trying to figure out how to put a lift in the garden."

She showed viewers a look into her kitchen, with retro style features, a cherub lamp and a microwave.

Lots of things were moved into the space and her youngest, son Billie, 11, was forced to trawl through it to get to his mum.

A glimpse into the bedroom shows a mirror with a wooden dresser.

The ground floor washroom was still in construction, with a builder laying plaster and a toilet ready for installation.

The documentary revealed Derek could be in hospital for as long as December.

Viewers were given an update on Derek's condition, with the doc saying his rehabilitation is "continuing and that "doctors have extended the option of keeping him in hospital until December 2021".

This was followed by an emotional ending between Kate and Derek, with him saying: "Thank you, I love you forever and a day."

An emotional Kate replied: "Oh darling, I love you."

Viewers praised the heartbreaking documentary, which saw Derek in floods of tears as Kate video calls her husband every day from his hospital bed.

But the hour-long show on ITV revealed the harrowing moment Derek told her "I can't go on" in a distressing call.

Derek has almost spent a year in intensive care after coronavirus ravaged his body, causing his liver, kidneys and heart to fail.

His first word out of his coma was "pain" – and his suffering has left him contemplating death.

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