Inside EastEnders’ Jake Wood’s modern home with huge dining room table, beer fridge and a swinging chair

JAKE Wood might spend a lot of time in Albert Square – but his own home is much more decadent.

The EastEnders star has given fans a glimpse of his personal space in sneak peeks of his abode.

The star shows off his comfortable home boasting features like a garden swing chair, a large kitchen space, a beer fridge and cute pictures.

The star lives there with wife Alison and two children, Buster and Amber, who hopefully don't drink out of the toilet like their cat does.

In Jake's house there's a cupboard full to the brim with delicate glasses adorned with pretty trinkets and sweet flowers.

The walls feature inspirational pictures saying: 'The Little Big Things,' and, 'Accept and Adapt' next to a hanging plant.

And it's good to see him displaying his romantic side as he shares pictures from Valentine's Day.

The actor's home features a large, spacious and modern kitchen boasting a huge beer fridge, full of drinks with fresh flowers and huge floor to ceiling doors.

The outdoor area features a swing chair, along with pretty bunting and a funky outdoor side table.

Christmas time looks cosy in the Wood household with a real tree and a stacked up pile of wood.

Jake and Alison have been together for 23-year romance and he recently gushed: "We've spent half of our lives together.

"We've grown together and at every point we've always wanted the same things.

"Blokes in general struggle to talk about stuff so she's taught me how to do that. I think it's a work in progress but I do try to get things out."

The TV hunk recently said how his beloved wife was almost killed by an alligator while on a family holiday in Florida.

The actor told how his kids have been scarred for life after seeing the man-eating beast heading towards Alison.

Jake said of the incident: "She was standing in the water about 15 feet away when I see this thing floating down the river.

“So I’m looking at it and thinking: ‘It’s got to be a log or something. Got to be a log.’“All of a sudden it f***ing goes down and I f***ing see an eye. All the kids are screaming, I’m screaming: ‘Get back in the boat!’"

He recently revealed that his mum didn't celebrate when he joined the BBC One soap because she prefers its ITV rival, Coronation Street.

The revelation came to light when Jake filmed for tomorrow night's episode of All Round To Mrs Brown's with his French-born mum, Joelle.

Cathy Brown, played by Jennifer Gibney, asked Joelle: "Was it a big moment in the family when Jake was cast in EastEnders?"

However, Jake's mother struggled to answer, looking uncomfortable as she replied: "Errr…"

Cathy joked: "Obviously not!" as Jake intervened to reveal the truth, admitting: "She watches a lot of Coronation Street…"

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