Inside Ellie Goulding's incredible cottage with home gym and grand piano

ELLIE Goulding's brimming with excitement ahead of the release of her fourth album Brightest Blue later this week.

We take a look inside the stunning Oxfordshire cottage she shares with husband Caspar Jopling, 28, where she's spent the build up to the record's release.

The singer/songwriter, 33, has an impressive home studio filled with guitars, a grand piano and a keyboard.

Ellie has filmed herself performingin the space on social media including a cover of Times Like These for the BBC's Live Lounge.

The musician is in the shape of her life having spent years sculpting her body with high-intensity workouts.

Fitness fan Ellie has a well-equipped home gym with dumbells, punchbag and treadmill where she can pump iron and de-stress.

While the couple's home is perfect for a family – they are in no rush to have children.

In an exclusive chat, Ellie told The Sun: “I want to have kids but it’s not the be all and end all. I am so happy right now and I want to have kids later but it’s not encouraged to wait.”

Ellie has “gone back to work” in the run-up to the release of Brightest Blue, her first album in five years, and feels working women should be celebrated too.

She adds: “There are a lot of blogs, podcasts and things about being a mum or about a mum’s life, which I totally appreciate because it must be good to know you are in the same position as other mums. I want to know about women who are in the same spot as me.

"I’ve got a career and, when coronavirus is over, I will embark on touring. It would be good to have like-minded women who are in the same position and want kids later in life or not at all. I’d love to hear a podcast on that — maybe I’ll start my own.”

Giving insight into her home life with art dealer Caspar, she continued: “We are staying in a cottage which Caspar was living in while he was rowing and studying.

“I came out here at the beginning of quarantine so we could be together. And we’ve spent time that we wouldn’t have had together, so it’s been lovely.”

For the past few years Ellie has divided her days between London and New York. But she has revealed in the past she found the Big Apple a “scary and lonely place”.

She says: “I haven’t been back in London for months, I’ve just been here. It’s been good to be here. Caspar is very supportive of my career. I was travelling more at the end of last year and the beginning of this and I was able to focus so much more on work knowing that Caspar gets it.

"He was never begging me to come home. In lockdown we’ve got a nice routine where I work upstairs and I have my guitar and he’s downstairs in the cellar and works in there. It’s not like we are in the same room working on our laptops or something. It’s worked out quite nicely.”

Her Eton-schooled husband has even been standing in as her tour manager and roadie as she gets to grips with her media appearances from home.

Ellie says: “The most eye-opening thing of this whole quarantine is how technologically inept I am. I can’t even operate a camera. We’ve been sent these devices to do TV shows, especially from the States, like James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel.

"And I am like, ‘What is this? What is this wire and where does this go?’So thankfully Caspar has stepped in. He’s had to hold lights up and cameras and things. So that’s been different.

"Obviously, it’s not ideal to do a thousand performances in front of your husband weirdly watching you do your thing. This is the ultimate confrontation of what I do. I am sure it’s bizarre for him.”

Ellie, who found fame after winning the Critics’ Choice Brit award in 2010, has been staying busy in lockdown with her focus on her new record. But she says she is not as driven as she was in the past.

She says: “I think when you are younger you have this real hunger and I think that can fade. Sometimes I wake up and I don’t want to do anything — I just want to read a book. I’ve been doing some gardening and I’ve put plants out in front of the cottage.”

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