Inside Finding Alice's mind-boggling smart house with 'deadly' staircase and secret passwords controlling everything

AFTER hitting our screens earlier this month many Finding Alice fans have been left in awe of the house used on the show.

The Hawes family home has played a huge part in the plot of the six-part ITV series from the get go…

The new show follows the aftermath of sudden death of Harry Walsh (Jason Merrells), a man who created a stunning smart house for himself, wife Alice (Keeley Hawes) and their daughter Charlotte (Isabella Pappas).

Despite knowing the property like the back of his hand because he created it, he took one wrong step and ended up falling to his death.

With Harry gone, the pair aren't sure how to work the fancy toilet flushes and they can't figure out the passcodes that Harry set in and around the pad.

Not to mention they've also got the deadly staircase as a constant reminder of the loss of their husband/dad.

Have you ever thought about who actually created such a stunning house and where it's located?

Well the home used for all the exterior scenes in the show is filmed in a five bedroom property located in some privately owned woodland in Farnham, Surrey.

The 1960s bungalow, which boasts 3,378 square feet of internal space, has been totally transformed into a modern pad by architect Kate Stoddar.

The exterior of Aylesford House is a mix of Norwegian Kebony timber, black brickwork, lead cladding and extensive glazing to give an extra modern vibe.

Each room is given plenty of natural light with a selection of huge windows that look out onto some stunning secluded views.

The cooking space boasts a modern kitchen with black cupboards, contrasting grey work tops and oak flooring.

It looks out onto the living room, which features a cream suede sofa, huge flat screen TV and fire place.

Moving upstairs, the bedrooms follow a simple yet stylish vibe that goes with the rest of the interior of the house.

The pad also has a roof terrace with a Jacuzzi to sit back and relax in whilst embracing the gorgeous countryside.

It also has a gym located in the garden which matches the same exterior of Aylesford House.

But not everything was filmed in the luxurious Surrey pad.

Any scenes involving the deadly staircase were filmed in a studio in West London.

After binge-watching the whole series on ITV Hub, many fans have been left wondering if there will be a second season.

This would answer a lot of unanswered questions considering widow Alice was left trying to process a lot of new shocking information about her dead husband.

Some viewers accused show bosses of deliberately leaving loose ends so they could easily set it up for series number two.

Did Harry really fall dow the stairs or was his death caused by something or someone else?

Catch the next episode of Finding Alice on ITV at 9pm this Sunday OR and you can watch all episodes on the ITV Hub.


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