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BOREDOM won't be a problem for Jennifer Aniston during the coronavirus lockdown as gets stuck into spring cleaning her enormous walk-in closet.
The former Friends star lives in a 8,500 square foot mansion in Bel Air, so it's no surprise her closet is almost as big as a studio apartment.

Jennifer, 51, to Ellen DeGeneres during her self-isolation and filled her in on her latest lockdown project.
The talk show host had been calling around to famous friends to find out what they were doing with their newly found down time.
"I'm actually still cleaning out my closet. That's still happening… Well, I do suggest a good spring clean right now while we're at it. That can't hurt," Jennifer told Ellen.
She quickly added: "Books are great, obviously."

Jennifer's options for downsizing included glamorous red carpet dresses, hundreds of shoes, jewelry and coats.
Her massive closet included rows and rows of rails filled with skirts, dresses and coats and topped with shelves of designer handbags and purses.
Alongside those cabinets ran a long corridor which featured a large vintage chest of drawers, and a lit up glass cabinet housing multiple rows of shelves.
The corridor ended with a large full length mirror, complete with lights around the top and sides.

With a closet that size, it's no surprise it was taking Jen a long time to give it a spring clean.
When Ellen, 62, gave her a call the pair had already spoken that day.
"What are you doing?" she asked Jennifer, who replied: "Well…not much difference since the last time we spoke about 30 minutes ago."
Jennifer also checked in on the beloved comedian to ask her quarantine activities – including doing a jigsaw puzzle – were "coming along".

When Ellen admitted the puzzle was too big for the table, Jennifer suggested putting it together on the floor.
The talk show host pointed out that wouldn't work because she has "have four dogs and two cats" with wife Portia De Rossi and "there's no way I can do a puzzle on the floor".
Jennifer bought her stunning mansion in 2011 and renovated it with then-husband Justin Theroux.
Despite its impressive scale, Jennifer wanted to ensure it felt like a comfortable home.

"I'm all about cosy," she told Architectural Digest in 2018.
“Sexy is important, but comfort is essential.”
The SAG winning actress now lives in the house with her two beloved dogs, Clyde and Sophie.
“Every corner you turn, you have an experience. Everywhere you look, you get a vista. We worked very hard to get that flow right,” Jennifer said of her home.

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