Inside Towie star Georgia Kousoulou's baby shower with her co-stars on final day of show filming

GEORGIA Kousoulou may be due to give birth in just a matter of weeks – but not before celebrating her little boy's arrival with a baby shower.

The 29-year-old Towie favourite was spotted cradling her blossoming bump under a balloon arch as she celebrated with her friends over the weekend.

Georgia, who is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tommy Mallet, gathered with fellow ITV reality stars ahead of her birth next month.

Looking beautiful in blue, the star wore a matching dress and cardigan set, keeping her nails neutral and glamming up for the occasion.

The expectant mum, who had styled her blonde locks into loose curls and kept her makeup soft and glowy, posed in front of a balloon arch.

Sitting in a large wicker throne in front of a cut-out white moon and blue, gold, grey and beige balloons, Georgia posed for photos.

Friends including Frankie and Demi Sims and fellow mum Amy Childs gathered round at a safe distance for the occasion.

The Towie stars had, which also included Bobby Norris, Saffron Lampriere and Chloe Sims, all dressed up for the baby shower.

Each took their turn posing in front of the balloons and handmade wooden sign reading "Georgia's Baby Shower" before tucking into freshly made candy floss.

Camera crews filmed the occasion, which would mark dad-to-be Tommy, 28, and Georgia's final day on set before welcoming their little one.

She told her fans on her Instagram stories ahead of the special day: "Last day on @towie before bubba arrives."

Despsite starring on the ITVBe show for six years, Georgia recently opened up about not wanting her son to grow up on TV.

While she knew she would "have to" show her son on air at some point following the birth, she "hadn't made a decision" as to how much he'd be involved.

She explained: "When he’s only a baby I will, but when he’s a bit older I’ll probably rethink it once he goes to nursery because I don’t know if I want him growing up on TV.

"I haven’t made that decision yet, but when they’re babies – they’re fine because they don’t know any different, and they change so much."

However, Georgia confirmed she and Tommy have agreed to film Towie spin-off episodes with ITVBe and Lime Pictures producers about the couple becoming mum and dad – but ruled out taking on any more.

Speaking about the episodes Georgia said: "You’re going to see us moving house, and the first episode will be all about before the baby comes, and the second episode will be once the baby is here. So it’s just two hour specials."

Georgia had been isolating during her pregnancy as she feared catching Covid, but said Towie have been super cautious with her filming arrangements.

She said: "I feel much more confident now as Covid is dying down, but I still haven’t set foot in the supermarket since last year.

"From 28 weeks a pregnant woman is more high-risk, and I’ve heard lots of horror stories about pregnant women so I’m just being cautious. I’m back filming TOWIE now, but they’re taking lots of precautions."

Reflecting on the moment she discovered she was pregnant last year, Georgia added: "I love tea, and I stopped finishing my cups of tea, and for anyone who knows me – that’s really strange.

The star is in the final stages of pregnancy but is taking it in her stride – saying she isn't worried about the labour as long as the baby is delivered safely.

She said: "I like the idea of a water birth, and the calming aspect of it, but I’m really open-minded, and I think what will be – will be."

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