It's totally fine to call The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda has been capturing hearts on both sides of the Atlantic ever since they made their debut in The Mandalorian earlier this month.

The character made their first appearance at the end of the first episode of the Disney+ series and quickly became the star of the show, breaking the internet in the process.

However, the youngster also sparked an online frenzy as viewers clashed over whether or not Baby Yoda could even be called that seeing as the child isn’t actually the legendary Jedi Master.

Luckily though, The Mandalorian director Dave Filoni has settled the debate once and for all. Yep, he’s given us all the green light to continue using the nickname for the character.

‘That’s fine, all part of the mystery,’ Filoni enthused. He then added to ET reporter Ash Crossan: ‘But it’s very clear, it’s very clear.’

Earlier this week, The Mandalorian director Jon Favreau unveiled the original concept art for Baby Yoda and melted us all in the process.

Turns out, the infant – who is actually 50 years old – will be an integral part of the sci-fi series, even if we’re not yet quite sure what’s in store for the child.

Next to nothing is known about Yoda’s species – we only ever saw another creature like him in the prequel trilogy with a character named Yaddle. But we’re confident we’ll soon be finding out more.

Unfortunately, for us though, we’ll have to wait until Disney+ launches in the UK in March 2020 before we can watch The Mandalorian.

It’s not all bad news though, as Favreau has already confirmed that season two has started filming.

Swings and roundabouts, right?

The Mandalorian is available to stream in the US on Disney Plus.

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