ITV Good Morning Britain: Should parents pay for ‘ungrateful’ children to go on holiday?

Speaking on ITV Good Morning Britain, the former model claimed travelling with your over 21 children could cause them to become “unable to look after themselves” or “take any responsibility”. She also argued parents would be in constant demand for gratitude as they would accuse their children of being “ungrateful wretches” if they failed to spend all their time away with them. 

She said: “I think it’s bad for the soul [to travel with your parents]. When you’ve left your family if you start with your family everyone reverts back to their normal roles.

“If someone was a scapegoat when you were little, then they’re still going to be the one that is blamed for the rain or whatever it is.

“And I think it’s bad for the soul to take something for free because your status in the group changes.

“If someone has paid for it they might, perhaps, feel they can decide what you do, where you go.

“And also the parent would also want to be thanked a lot.

“Why aren’t you thanking me enough, you ungrateful wretches? How dare you go off for the day by yourself? I’ve paid to have your holiday.

“You know, for your presence the whole way through. I just don’t think it’s good.

“I think it’s much better – we do have this thing about parenting saying ‘I’d do everything for my kids’.

“But I think we end up with the kids becoming completely unable to look after themselves or take any responsibility.”

Also on the programme debating the issue, Love Island contestant Amy Hart argued travelling with your parents remains a good opportunity to spend family time with them.

She added children have different ways of repaying their parents with nice gestures.

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She said: “You can’t put the price on memories. They’re obviously not going to give me the equivalent money to go to the pub.

“I think it’s more about family time together. Life is so busy now and all four of us are everywhere.

“So to get that time together is really nice.

“And I would offer to pay but I think you can do it in other ways.

“For example, in my old job I used to get really cheap flights, so to say thank you, if me and my mum went to New York, my mum would pay for the flight and the hotel but once over there I would organise for a nice dinner or pay for the tickets to a show to say thank you.”

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