ITV This Morning: ’Someone’s a little upset’ John Barrowman SNAPS at Rochelle Humes

John, 52, and Rochelle, 30. have been filling in for Phillip Schofield, 57, and Holly Willoughby, 38, on This Morning as the pair take a break over the Easter period.

To mark the holiday and as it was their last day hosting the ITV programme today, John and Rochelle participated in some Easter games.

The pair had to face three challenges to be crowned champion of the ‘egglypmics’ with John and Rochelle competitively going into the challenges.

However, after the first challenge – which saw Rochelle and John have to separate egg yolks from egg whites – the former Saturday’s singer seemed to be less than impressed by losing to her co-host.

I’m upset

Rochelle Humes

After thinking she could topple the actor in the challenge as she cooks more at home, Rochelle seemed confident going into the challenge.

However, after John beat her in the task, he remarked boasting about his win: “Someone’s a little upset.”

Rochelle exclaimed: “I’m upset, I’m upset,” as she and John stood with egg on their hands.

Though, not to be defeated, Rochelle told John: “I’m back don’t worry,” as the pair got ready for their second challenge.

The next task the hosts had to face was a game of egg roulette where they had to smack legs on their head to discover it it was raw or boiled.

After several boiled eggs were discovered by both of the hosts, it was John who ended up with egg on his face as the raw egg smashed on his head.

The third and final challenge saw the hosts try and get plastic eggs into buckets being held by two Easter bunnies stood in the distance.

After the whistle blew, it was John who was crowned victorious having won two of the three challenges the pair got involved with.

On yesterday’s show, the pair were joined by Alison Hammond, 44, as she was on hand to go behind-the-scenes of a new Halloween production, Night of the Living Dead.

Though, the presenter was taken a back when one of the members of the production dressed as a zombie jumped out on her.

However, after the presenter tried to recover from her first shock, another zombie jumped out at her, leaving her screaming at the top of her lungs.

Alison remarked: “I can’t take no more, I can’t take no more! I’m going to have a heart attack on TV,” she exclaimed.

Speaking to John and Rochelle, Alison said: “Guys, this is no longer funny. Oh my god, I can’t take no more.”

After the shock of being spooked, Alison dressed in zombie attire and joined the production to perform in front of an audience.

However, the presenter admitted she made a mistake as Alison splattered some of the audience with fake blood.

She told the camera: “I accidentally splattered the people who weren’t meant to be splattered.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.

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