Jamie Lee Curtis Promises 'Halloween' Is 'Terrifying' and CinemaCon Attendees Couldn't Agree More

“The first ‘Halloween’ trailer just scared the shit out of me,” tweets one lucky person who saw the first footage.

Jamie Lee Curtis promised the first "Halloween" footage would be terrifying and it seems that CinemaCon attendees couldn’t agree more.

The actress unveiled the first trailer for the reboot horror flick at the film convention Wednesday, which apparently was so frightening that it brought screams throughout the hall.

"I’ve seen a trailer and I’ve seen some footage, and it’s terrifying," Curtis told Yahoo last week.

The film follows slasher icon Michael Myers (Nick Castle) returning to Haddonfield, Illinois, 40 years after the original film and finding that Laurie Strode (Curtis) has been waiting for him. Strode is now a grandmother, with Judy Greer playing her daughter Karen and Andi Matichak playing her granddaughter.

Although the movie is technically the eleventh film in the franchise, the people that were lucky enough to see the trailer before it goes online say that the new reboot dismisses all the sequels. "Halloween," which hits theaters Oct. 19 this year, is directed by David Gordon Green, who co-wrote the screenplay with Danny McBride. (Yes, the same guy from "Pineapple Express," which Green directed as well.) John Carpenter, the horror master behind the original, is executive producing and writing the creepy score. Get excited to get scared!

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