Jason DeRulo and Jenna Frumes accidentally reveal they’re first celebs to sign up for Netflix’s Celebrity Floor Is Lava

JASON DeRulo and his girlfriend Jenna Frumes appeared to confirm that they are the first famous faces to be taking part in the celebrity version of Floor Is Lava.

Jason, 30, uploaded and video of him and his partner on social media on Thursday – but quickly deleted it minutes later.

In the 30 second clip, Jason and Jenna are seen knee deep in water in what appears to be a living room.

"Welcome, I’m glad you could finally come over," the singer says to Jenna, as she replies: "Indoor pool."

Jason quickly responds: "Oh no, I’m gonna be honest with you, I clogged the toilet!" before asking his lady if she is thirsty.

Looking disgusted, Jenna declines before Jason asks: "Netflix? C'mon," as he leads her over to the sofa: "This is actually really nice right?"

The Netflix opening tune can be heard as the pair sit down and Jenna sinks slowly into the water.

It's unsure why Jason decided to remove the video, but Netflix declined to comment when contacted by The Sun Online.

Floor Is Lava creator Irad Eyal recently hinted that they're exploring the idea of creating a celebrity version of the reality TV show.

Since Netflix launched the game show series back in June, the show has topped the platform's charts in US, Canada and the UK.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the producers, including Eyal teased about a possible celebrity edition of Floor Is Lava in the future.

When asked if they had any stars reaching out to them for a celebrity version, they mentioned a few famous names.

Revealing they’ve been getting a lot of tweets and Instagram stories of celebrities watching the show, VP of development at Haymaker Media Megan McGrath said: "Kristen Bell was watching with her family. We would love Kristen and Dax [Shepard, her husband]."

Irad added that the most important thing is that it’s not enough just to be a celebrity: In order to be a part of Floor Is Lava’s adventures, one also has to put together a team and think about the other two people they would be most willing to trust out on the lava field.

"So that's what we're looking for. We're looking for teams of three that are really committed to it," he said.

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