Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Ted Cruz While Accepting Basketball Challenge: 'You Already Lost an Election to a Reality Show Host'

Kimmel has “no idea” why the Texas senator wants to settle their beef over basketball, but he’s not afraid to step on the court.

Jimmy Kimmel accepted Senator Ted Cruz’s basketball challenge on Thursday night, even if he has no idea why the Republican politician issued it in the first place.

"Why he wants to do this, I have no idea. You really want to play basketball against a talk show host? You already lost an election to a reality show host. Isn’t that enough?" Kimmel joked during his monologue. "If he wants to do it, I feel like I have to do it."

The ABC late-night host snuck in plenty of digs at Cruz in the process — including an unflattering comparison to Herman Munster — but wasn’t shy about self-deprecation, either, and admitted this is going to be a terrible game of basketball.

"Who needs to watch LeBron and Kevin Durant again when we can instead focus on two out of shape white men in their 50s with little to no athletic ability instead?" Kimmel joked. "So yes, Ted Cruz, I do accept your challenge. I will play you one-on-one."

Kimmel seems to be confident he’ll win, though, as he personally scored on Shaq back in the day and showed the video proof as a stern warning to Cruz.

"Senator, I played against Shaquille O’Neal. I know Shaq. Shaq is a friend of mine, and you Senator Cruz are no Shaquille O’Neal, so this should be fun," Kimmel said. "We gotta figure out the details. Maybe we should do this the Monday before the Midterms. It would be fun to see him lose twice in one week, right?"

If you haven’t been keeping score, this upcoming installment of "White Men Can’t Jump" was sparked by Cruz on Twitter Wednesday. See their entire exchange below:

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