Joanna Lumley left in tears as Gogglebox airs Queen’s Jubilee skit: ‘Too sweet for words!’

Gogglebox: Gyles and Joanna react to Paddington sketch

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This series’ edition of Celebrity Gogglebox featured plenty of famous faces, but the likes of Rylan, Mo Gilligan and Fearne Cotton were overshadowed by last week’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Self-professed royal fans Gyles Brandreth and Joanna Lumley couldn’t help but get choked up when Paddington Bear met the Queen in the touching skit released over the weekend.

Joanna and Gyles both had tears in their eyes watching Paddington’s Jubilee tribute.

“I love the Queen so much, I can’t wait,” Joanna exclaimed as the celebrations got started.

Gyles exclaimed: “70 years is phenomenal. The first time in our history, possibly the last time in our history.”

The Jubilee sketch began in Buckingham Palace and followed a server carrying a tray of tea to the iconic bear.

“It’s got to be going to the Queen,” Joanna said. “The Queen and who?”

The celebrities were all thrilled when Paddington was revealed, nearly five years after his last appearance in Paddington 2.

Several let out gasps when the Queen actually made an appearance opposite the Palace’s latest guest.

In the sketch, Paddington makes a couple of classic faux pas, drinking tea directly from the teapot and accidentally squirting cream directly on the face of one of her guards.

“Never mind,” the Queen assures him, which clearly charmed Gyles and Joanna.

This Morning regular Gyles cried: “Isn’t she wonderful? ‘Never mind!’”

Both celebs began getting choked up as Paddington offered the Queen an emergency marmalade sandwich, only for Her Majesty to reveal she had one of her own.

“That’s too sweet for words!” Joanna cried out as Gyles let out an “aww”.

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Joanna mimicked Paddington as he told the Queen: “Happy Jubilee ma’am, thank you for everything.”

“Isn’t it wonderful? Bless her,” Gyles asked, and a tearful Joanna added: “I’m so touched by that.”

Viewers watching at home were just as charmed seeing the sketch for the second time after the Jubilee last week.

@killerma tweeted: “Joanna Lumley is on Gogglebox. Reacting to the Queen with Paddington Bear. I’m thrilled in the most British way possible.”

@PollyCracker92 admitted: “Crying at Paddington and the queen AGAIN. Not like I’ve seen it about 20 times.”

And Laura Stockley pleaded: “Can we stop showing Paddington saying ‘thank you for everything’ on the telly as it makes me cry every time.”

Thankfully, this won’t be the last we see of Paddington, as a third film in the iconic British franchise is currently in development.

Celebrity Gogglebox is available to stream on All4.

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