John Bishop shares hilarious backup plan for when guests pull out of ITV chat show

John Bishop says his mum is his 'back up guest' for new show

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John Bishop was welcomed onto The One Show on Wednesday afternoon. The comedian chatted to hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas about his new ITV programme The John Bishop Show. The star shared his enthusiasm for the new topical chat show. However, he also revealed he has a special backup plan on the show just in case celebrity guests fail to turn up.

Highlighting the range of chat shows available in the UK, John praised his competitors.

John said: “We’re lucky in this country. I think some of our talk show hosts are fantastic.

“Obviously, Graham [Norton] and Jonathan [Ross] being the leading ones as the Saturday night type show,” he added.

However, the comedian insisted The John Bishop Show has its own style that stands out from other talk shows.

John explained: “I think for my show it’s just slightly different in the fact that we only have two guests on and we mix it up a little bit.

“We have the odd sketch thrown into it and it’s also topical because we film it on the day it goes out.

“So, we film it on Saturday afternoon to go out on Saturday night,” he revealed.

John went on to praise Alex and Jermaine for doing a live TV show admitting it’s “so hard to do”.

Alex agreed, but enthused: “The jeopardy of live television is what’s really addictive really isn’t it?

“Especially now, John, with this pandemic. Every show like this and yours, you’ve got to have a backup plan because, you know, sometimes guests can’t make it last minute.

“But, your backup plan is a family member,” she remarked.

John replied: “Somebody said to me ‘What will you do if a guest doesn’t turn up?’ I said ‘I’ll probably phone my mum’.

“Me and my mum will have a chat,” he laughed.

Chatting about his relationship with his mother, John reflected on their time together over the Christmas period.

“It was just wonderful after so many things, and I’m sure that was reflected in families across the country, having a Christmas together as a family that we’ve missed,” he commented.

John also chatted about a segment on his ITV chat show that features comedians from all over the world.

He explained: “We sort of came up with this concept that we’d have correspondents.

“We were going to have foreign correspondents or people who did different things.

“The way the show’s evolving we’ve ended up just having people who have got something to contribute that week whether it’s based around the news or what.

“It works, it just gives it another gear. That’s the main thing you just want with every new venture, you’ve got to try something different,” he added.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One and The John Bishop Show airs Saturdays at 9:30pm on ITV.

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