John Mulaney Reveals Next Disgusting Idea to Complete His 'Saturday Night Live' Musical Trilogy

The comedian achieved rave reviews for his first two over-the-top installments, last year’s “Diner Lobster” and “Bodega Bathroom” from earlier this month.

One of the most unexpected treats of the past year has been John Mulaney’s totally bizarre, totally ridiculous and totally brilliant "Saturday Night Live" musical parodies.

In both of his previous two hosting appearances — one last year and one just a few short weeks ago — Mulaney and the "SNL" crew put on an elaborate musical production based on the thinnest and most ridiculous of premises.

Now, he’s already looking ahead to his third installment, and it may prove to be the most disgusting one yet. And this after he’s already delighted fans by taking them inside the wonderful world of bodega bathrooms, and the weird world of NYC diner lobsters.

Like those insta-classics, his next plan is just as New York-centric. In fact, when he dropped the kernel of the idea on Conan O’Brien’s left coast audience, they had no idea what he was talking about. But New Yorkers know exactly what the G train is.

But if they weren’t sold on it by its name (because that name meant nothing to them), Mulaney’s deep dive into its idiosyncrasies proves there’s a lot of material there to mine.

He explained, "The G-Train is a train with like three cars that runs from Brooklyn to Queens and it runs whenever it wants to. Sometimes it’s like, yeah it’ll be here in like 35 minutes."

We can already picture the musical starting on the platform, which he said is so barren he was able to smoke there. "The G train is such a weird world of people and there’s always a seat that has a little level of soda just sitting in it. So that might be the next inspiration."

As soon as he’d said it, though, Mulaney was already prepping his disappointment. "Now that I’ve said that out loud, I guess I won’t host again," he said.

That seems pretty doubtful as his appearances have been among the strongest of the past few seasons. But he needs to hurry and get this sketch on the air before Kenan Thompson finally decides to leave the show. The longest-tenured cast-member has been the centerpiece of both sketches so far.

Okay, if he does want to leave after 16 seasons, far be it for us to stand in his way. He’s deserved the chance to follow his muse. Just so long as he comes back to star in at least this sketch. Make it happen, NBC!

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