John Paul Jones Grilled Connor Saeli About Madison Prewett on Instagram Live and He Got SO Awkward

Bachelor Nation thinks Connor Saeli and Madison Prewett might be a thing thanks to Connor getting super shy during an Instagram Live with Mike Johnson—and now Connor took things to a new level of awk during yet another Instagram Live with John Paul Jones.

During their IG hangout, Connor was put on the spot about Madi and got extremely giggle-y, letting out a high-pitched “whaaaat” before trying to divert the convo. But John Paul Jones wouldn’t let it go, musing, “Wait Connor, we’re having a talk, man, what happened? I think…I remember her being very together and very purpose driven. And not giving into some of the pressures I imagine would arise during the last couple episodes. She’s a very…she’s got her stuff together. She’s a catch man. Proud of you. Anyway, dude, happy for you, that is awesome. I ship you guys, 100 percent.”

Connor didn’t respond to this (mostly because he was too busy giggling and hiding his face from the camera the entire time), but truly, nothing has been more pure:

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Ok whats's going on seriously? he's very cute when he's shy?

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Meanwhile, a fan on Reddit claims that elsewhere in the IG Live (which tragically wasn’t saved), John Paul Jones asked Connor about Madi again and he said “all I can say is that there is someone I’m excited to meet once I’m out of quarantine.”

I mean!!!!

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