John Travolta Posts Video Showing View From the Cockpit While ‘Celebrating’ Flying a Plane Again

John Travolta is flying high!

The Grease actor and longtime flying enthusiast posted a video of himself on his Instagram page Tuesday in which he is piloting his private plane.

“It’s always exciting to get back in the air again so here I am celebrating,” Travolta, 66, said in the video, adding “Yeehaw!” after showing fans the beautiful view from the cockpit.

Last week, he made another reference to his flying career on his social media, posting a throwback pic from when he was a teenager.

“Throwback Thursday: When I was 15 years old, my school offered an aviation class which started my second career,” he captioned the old picture.

Travolta has been a licensed pilot since he was 22 years old and has been an ambassador for Qantas Airways since 2002.

Back in November, he shared a photo of his 9-year-old son Ben sitting in the cockpit of an airplane and wearing a pilot’s cap.

In the image, Ben is seen hanging out in the pilot seat with a friend. Travolta noted in his Instagram caption that his son was pretend-flying his “first A380 @qantas flight.”

“My son Ben is taking my place!” Travolta added, referencing his own role as an ambassador.

Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, told The Telegraph in 2018 that she and her husband “travel all the time” via his planes.

“He’s had his license for almost 30 years,” she said. “At our house in Ocala, northern Florida, we have the planes parked out front because we have a runway attached. I never get nervous when John’s piloting because he’s calm in any situation and can handle the pressure. He’s flown us all over the world – Russia, South Africa, Australia, Tahiti, the UK, the US and the Far East."

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