Jordan North will face his ultimate fear on I’m A Celeb as he’s SO scared of snakes he can’t even watch them in films

I'M a Celebs Jordan North will face his ultimate fear after he revealed that he's so scared of snakes he can't even watch them in films.

The DJ has been announced as one of the celebs set to take on the Welsh Wilderness on the new series of I'm A Celeb.

But the BBC Radio 1 presenter will be left terrified when he comes face to face with some of the Bushtucker trials this year.

The Northern lad has admitted that he is so scared of snakes that he jumps out of his skin when watching them on TV.

The star previously tweeted: "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Is that the one with the snakes? I can't watch it if so (hate snakes)."

Jordan also had a meltdown when he challenged himself in 2014 to come face his fears with a snake.

The presenter winced in horror at the sight of a white snake and was petrified when he touched one.

A panicked Jordan squealed: "The eyes are black, it's 4ft. Don't stretch it out like that."

Jordan's face filled with sheer dread and couldn't stop screaming in the hilarious clip.

Every year celebrities face their phobias whether it's a fear of eight-legged creatures or snakes – all of the campmates will face a few critters throughout their stint on the ITV show and this year is no different.

After Jordan's revelation, it wouldn't be a surprise if the I'm a Celeb bosses terrorise him with the slithering reptiles during a Busktucker trial.

If his reaction is anything like his last encounter with a snake, then viewers will be in hysterics.

I'm a Celeb has been moved from Australia to north Wales due to the coronavirus pandemic this year and will be filmed at Gwrych Castle near Abergele.

The Preston radio star will join the other stars at the previously derelict 200-year-old castle will include familiar features such as the central camp fire, congregation and task areas, and an outside toilet.

Jordan hasn't said much about being on the show yet, but the presenter is known as the "supply teacher" at the station.

And the floppy haired celeb, who is thought to be single, is sure to be a hit with the ladies on I'm A Celeb this year.

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