Josh Peck Announces Wife Paige O'Brienn Is Pregnant With Their First Child

One year after tying the knot, Josh Peck and his wife announce they’re pregnant.

Josh Peck and his wife, Paige O’Brienn, are expecting their first child together.

The "Drake & Josh" star announced the news on Instagram Thursday, captioning a sweet shot of the couple, "Oh, baby. Literally, there’s a baby in there. Love you, Paige."

Oh baby. Literally, there’s a baby in there. Love u @paigeobrienn ? @stormshoots

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Josh married his longtime girlfriend last summer. Noticeably absent from the nuptials was his former Nickelodeon co-star, Drake Bell, who vented about the snub on Twitter — then again last month when he stopped by TooFab.

"It was just kind of weird," Drake told TooFab. "We’re bros, we’ve been friends for 20 years, we’ve spent the majority of our lives together. I don’t know… I think what bugged me about it is that it seemed like an obvious [choice]… I was on the ‘no’ list! I think that just kind of bummed me out."

Drake also said he was "blown away" when his tweets about the wedding made headlines.

"It must’ve been such a slow news day. I was just praying for Trump to tweet something!" he joked. "I thought [Josh] might see [the tweet] and be like, ‘Oh, I should’ve invited him.’ I didn’t think it was gonna catch on like wildfire and just be the biggest news. It blew my mind how much press it got."

When asked if he ever got an explanation from Josh, Drake jokingly said, "He doesn’t like me! And the extra chicken would have been really expensive — like another $7.95 or something like that."

Drake took on a slightly more serious tone when he said, "It was a small wedding — I think there was something like 30 or 50 people there," adding that Josh told him his "wife handled it."

See everything Drake said about his former co-star — and soon-to-be dad — in the video below.

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