Joss Whedon defends his Wonder Woman script following online criticism

Joss Whedon has defended his Wonder Woman script after it was slated as “sexist” last year.

He had written a script for the character way back in 2006 and after it was released online in June, it’s fair to say that it didn’t exactly receive the warmest reception, linked to excerpts being posted on Twitter.

Whedon has now defended his script to Variety at the world premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, saying with a smile that he “re-read the script after I heard there was a backlash, I think it’s great”.

“People say that it’s not woke enough. I think they’re not looking at the big picture. It’s easy to take one phrase out of context,” he added.

“Not that I was the most woke individual that ever lived at that time ten years ago, but I was in there swinging and the movie has integrity and the characters have integrity and I stand by it.”

Whedon also spoke about his exit from the Batgirl movie earlier this year, saying that he felt “the story just kind of crumbled in my hands”.

“I told people I didn’t have an idea, which isn’t the exact truth. I had an idea that didn’t fit in the space that was left for it. It was a little heartbreaking because I was so excited for it,” he reflected.

Earlier this month, DC confirmed that the movie is still happening with Bumblebee‘s Christina Hodson penning the new script.

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