Kanye West admits he was an ‘alcoholic’ who drank ‘Grey Goose and orange juice’ in the morning- but no longer drinks – The Sun

KANYE West opened up overcoming his battle with alcoholism and that infamous 2009 VMAs red carpet appearance with a bottle of Hennessy in his hand.

The rapper discussed being a "functioning alcoholic" when he was asked about his career as a rapper in an interview with GQ magazine.

Kanye, 42, confessed that he was "thinking of not rapping again" because he "rapped for the devil so long" and he "didn't even know how to rap for God."

The musician explained how he gave it a second thought after a pastor told him that his son "would want a rap album about Jesus from Kanye West."

Kanye then explained: "One day I was in my office working on the couture collection, and there was some Grey Goose in the fridge and I was just going to get a daytime drink, and I looked and thought, 'Devil, you're not going to beat me today.'

"That one statement is like a tattoo."

The rapper continued: "I haven't had a drink since I realized I needed to take it day by day, but I never owned up, or was even told, 'Hey, you're a functioning alcoholic.'

"People have called me a crazy person, people have called me everything—but not a functioning alcoholic.

"And I would be drinking orange juice and Grey Goose in the morning."

The interviewer replied to Kanye's confession saying there "was never a public perception" of him as an "alcoholic" or that he has a "drinking problem."

The magazine also brought up the infamous 2009 VMAs when Kanye walked the red carpet with a bottle of Hennessy in his hand.

Kanye replied: "Right? I really grabbed the drink to be able to even go to the awards show due to the information that everyone knows now.

"To say, 'Okay, I can handle this.'"

In January 2020, Kanye opened up more about his battle with alcoholism during a performance at Awaken 2020 in Arizona.

According to reports, he addressed the crowd: "I never thought about the effect alcohol could have had on my life.

"I was drinking on the red carpet, and then running on stage a few minutes later.

"And everyone around said, 'Nah, he ain't really no alcoholic.'

"And then you get to the point where you're drinking Grey Goose and orange juice for breakfast, thinking, 'Nah, I ain't really no alcoholic.'"

He told the audience: "Every day that I don't pick up that drink, I beat the devil."

Kanye has been married to Kim Kardashian West since May 2014.

The couple share four children together – North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

Within the last few weeks, the family has been quarantining in their home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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