Kate Garraway jokes her milkman’s worried his wife is going to leave him after she made saucy ‘extras’ innuendo

KATE Garraway joked her milkman is worried his wife will leave him after she made a hilariously saucy innuendo on Friday's GMB.

The TV host was left red-faced as she inadvertently suggested her helpful milkman Mick offered more than just a delivery service.

Today she sought to clarify her words, telling viewers: "Poor old Mick the milkman. I was only trying to give him some credit.

"He was inundated on Friday with people saying 'what's going on with you and Kate Garraway?' There's nothing going on. He's simply been delivering milk efficiently and occasionally offers an extra – butter and eggs and orange juice."

Kate then picked up her phone to put it on silent in case the mere mention of the milkman led to an influx of texts.

Laughing, she shouted: "Mick the milkman is like 'stop it! My wife's going to leave me!"

The 53-year-old's GMB co-stars howled with laughter on Friday as she praised Mick for "offering her extras".

Ben Shephard read out messages of appreciation from viewers who had been touched by kindness during the pandemic.

Kate cut in to offer her thanks to her family's milkman who has kept up her milk delivery amid her personal struggles.

"Mick, my milkman, who has just been amazing," said Kate.

"He has absolutely just kept me going. He'll leave me a little note saying 'do you need anything extra other than the milk?'

Kate had no idea what she had alluded to before her co-stars Ben and Richard Arnold burst out laughing.

Throwing her head back before covering her face in embarrassment, Kate added: "I mean, like bread, butter or orange juice, which he also supplies. He leaves a little smiley face."

Amused Ben asked: "Are you still answering the door in your dressing gown and fluffy slippers?

Kate laughed: "…and a shower cap."

She added: "Mick, thank you. Shall we move on as I've got myself in trouble. Even I didn't see that one coming."

Ben later revealed Mick the milkman was trending on Twitter, with Kate laughing: "Oh God I hope his family weren't watching. He's going to get back from his round and they'll say 'what the heck has been going on?'"

It was a rare moment of light-relief for Kate who has been struggling as a single mum while her husband Derek Draper remains in intensive care.

He's been battling coronavirus since March – and although he's now beaten the virus, he's been unable to gain consciousness from his induced coma.

She had been off work from Good Morning Britain for three weeks after show bosses gave her a "long holiday at home".

Kate said on Thursday: "ITV gave me time off as I hadn't been feeling well," she explained.

"The chickens came home to roost after long year, and I just took some holiday at home.

"I had a lot of sleep and medicine and feeling much better."

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