Kate Garraway savagely trolled over GMB outfit by co-presenter Ben Shephard

KATE Garraway's vibrant outfit was compared to a bag of Chewits on today's Good Morning Britain.

Entertainment editor Richard Arnold couldn't resist poking a bit of fun at his co-star's flamboyant Friday look.

Apologising to host Pip Thompson for getting distracted, he said: “Sorry, I’ve just been rather thrown by Kate popping into the studio. She looks like a bag of Chewits.”

He chuckled as he walked away, while surprised Pip said: “He is so rude. Let’s get Alex with the weather now, who’s much less rude.”

Kate, who wore purple trousers and a swirling blouse, took it in her stride and said she was trying to bring some cheer amid the HGV driver shortage and petrol station closures.

She even joked it was a 70s throwback to the winter of discontent – widespread strikes that threatened to bring the country to a standstill in 1978.

Richard's mischief making didn't stop there, he also compared Jacqui Smith's orange outfit to a pumpkin.

Viewers liked Kate's look and many asked where they could get it from.

One wrote: "I adore @kategarraway's colourful outfits."

A second posted: "I gotta know @[email protected] where your lovely top is from !! ? The swirly whirly one."

A third said: "@GMB love @kategarraway outfit on this morning’s show! Where is it from?"

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