Katie Price reveals her biggest regret in life that she fears could stop her having FOUR more kids

KATIE Price has told The Sun her biggest regret – that she fears could stop her from having FOUR more children.

The 42-year-old star is already a mum of five, but she hopes to welcome a few more with new man Carl Woods.

However, she has admitted that having four Caesarean sections in the past might make her dream unrealistic, as each repeat C-section is generally considered to be more complicated than the last.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Katie explained: "If I could, I’d definitely like another four kids. I might be able to, but my age isn’t helping.

"Realistically, I’m hoping to have another two. The next will be very special."

Katie gave birth to first child Harvey, now 18, naturally – but had Caesareans for 15-year-old Junior and 13-year-old Princess.

She was then forced to have emergency C-sections for seven-year-old Jett and six-year-old Bunny.

The star previously admitted that her experiences with her two youngest were much more unsettling, saying of Jett's birth: "This doctor only gave me the epidural [not the anaesthetic]. I could tell the doctor was close to making the first incision but I wasn’t numb yet.

"But the first incision was made and I could feel the pressure of it. Bringing life into the world is supposed to be magical. But what I went through was a nightmare."

It hasn't been determined exactly how many repeat C-sections a woman can safely have, but there are increased risks for each one.

The operation tends to take longer each time as well, with a higher chance of complications such as problems with the placenta and incision-related issues such as a hernia or needing a blood transfusion.

Katie and Carl are keen to add to their brood as quickly as possible, but Katie told us that she isn't pregnant at the moment.

She shared: "I’m not pregnant yet. I’ve just put on lockdown weight. But I do want more babies. Mine are getting older so I need to keep replacing them! I love being a mum."

The star also told us that her kids gave her the best Mother's Day present she could ever wish for – “keeping her alive” and credits them with “saving her life” after confessing she wanted to kill herself while using cocaine last year.

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