Katie Price reveals pus-filled wounds after facelift scars get infected in shocking video

Stop right there! Do you have a sensitive stomach or are you enjoying your lunch break? If yes, tread carefully – this article contains graphic content.

In news that probably shouldn’t surprise us, when Katie Price decided to name her latest reality series My Crazy Life, she wasn’t kidding.

Don’t believe us? Then why not watch this genuinely disturbing clip of Katie’s ex Kieran Hayler cleaning her infected facelift scars. It’s as delightful as it sounds, don’t worry.

Opening up about her recent surgical escapades, Katie revealed that it was her own fault her scars hadn’t healed properly. “Every time you have surgery they say to take antibiotics – in case you get an infection,” she said.

“And I’m like everyone else, [when] you get to the third day, you think I’m alright now.”

Erm, don’t try that at home, guys.

Despite Kieran willingly cleaning pus from behind Katie’s ears – and taking a few close-ups of the damage – Katie has claimed that the former couple are over for good.

Opening up about her new relationship with Kris Boyson last month, Katie said that she felt she had “wasted five years of [her] life” with Kieran.

“He’ll never change and I just can’t stand him. I should have split up with him when he first cheated on me, but I was so determined to make it work,” she said.

Katie Price: My Crazy Life continues on Mondays at 10pm on Quest Red.

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