Katie Price reveals she’s already in talks to return to SAS Who Dares Wins next year after dropping out of Celeb special – The Sun

KATIE Price has revealed she is already in talks with bosses at SAS: Who Dares Wins to return to the show in 2021.

The reality star was forced to pull out of the celebrity version of the show after just 48 hours but has insisted that she will win it next year.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Katie said: “I have unfinished business – I will go back and win it!

“I don’t want people thinking or saying I chickened out.”

Katie previously revealed that she had to leave the show because of health reasons, adding: “What I mean is because of my boobs physically – you will see some of it [on camera] – that I shouldn't have done it. I lied to myself.”

And now she tells The Sun Online that she “did my best”, adding that “most people in my position wouldn't have made it an hour into filming.

“No more boob jobs to ruin my chances of winning next time!”

The show starts on Tuesday next week – and while Katie will be watching at home, she won’t be on social media during the broadcast.

“I won't read the negative comments, it’s always the same old keyboard warriors who never have anything positive to say,” she says.

“They really do need to get a grip on life and what is currently going on in the world than focusing all their negative energy and time on me.”

Katie filmed the show in October last year, and ahead of the show's launch, said: "I was going through a bad time mentally before I did this show.

“You will all find out what was going on.

“Since doing the show, for my mental health and stuff, being fit, I am actually so much fitter now than when I did the show.

“But since the show it has made me think … I am much fitter now that, if I ever got that chance again, I would love to do the show again.”

SAS: Who Dares Wins returns to C4 on 21 April.

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