Katie Price spits out her fake teeth after they fall off her ‘Bond villain’ stumps as she gets veneers replaced

KATIE Price is known for keeping it real on her YouTube channel and her latest instalment is no exception. 

Katie, 42, recently went to Turkey to have her teeth redone and the latest episode is all about that procedure.

As she explains to her fans why she decided to get a new set of veneers, Katie spits out her current teeth and reveals it had already come loose whilst she was eating breakfast.

"So this happened today, that's already out!" she says as she spits them into her hand and places them on the side.

The mum-of-five then giggles as she shows off her gap and tells viewers: "Hello folks. I am the war of the wounded, but I've still got a smile on my face."

After the surgeon removed all of her current veneers, Katie looked rather embarrassed as she showed off her natural teeth – which are basically stumps.

"Oh you can't film me, that's so bad! How awful is that?!" she exclaims as she covers her mouth with a paper towel.

However, she then decides to show off her stumps and says: "No pain, no gain, if you wanna get your teeth done, you have to look like that."

Earlier this week, Katie released another video and referred to herself as the James Bond character Jaws.

With her gums frozen, Katie murmured: "I'm feeling good. Just numb. I look like something out of James Bond. The man with metal teeth."

The character Jaws was famous for his metal gnashers and appeared in two Bond films: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

However, with her new teeth now in tact, Katie has moved onto another procedure and was seen arriving at hospital today.

The former glamour model is having an operation on her feet after broke them in a freak accident during her trip to Turkey.

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