Katie Price to tell all on horror accident in new memoir to prove you can ‘rebuild your life and recover’

KATIE Price is planning to release a new memoir about her horror accident that left her with two broken feet.

The 42-year-old wants to inspire fans and prove you can "rebuild your life and recover".

She's penning her first tell-all book in five years while in recovery following the latest crisis the mum-of-five has had to face.

Katie told The Sun: "I have learnt more in the past two weeks about myself than ever before.

"I want to share that and help others to inspire them to fulfil their dreams as I know I will.“

Her latest memoir follows eleven novels, six autobiographies, one fashion book, and two series of children's books.

“Katie’s next book will be her most honest yet and she has had a lot of time in the past few weeks to reflect and work on it.” a source said.

“She wants to use it to set the record straight about a few things.

"And, most importantly, she wants it to be an opportunity for her to show people that you can rebuild your life and recover. 

“She also wants to have her say on the trolls who have made her life a misery at times. 

“She won’t be holding back. Getting over this injury is one of the biggest challenges Katie has had to face but she is determined to do it.”

Katie has already warned her exes that her next autobiography will be her most "explosive" yet.

Katie broke both her feet in a freak accident in Turkey while on holiday with her boyfriend Carl Woods and eldest kids Princess and Junior.

She told fans it may be two years until she is able to walk properly again, admitting she will suffer arthritis forever.

Doctors told her she suffered life-changing injuries and "couldn't have done a worse job" to herself.

Last week she suffered another setback on her road to recovery when she was rushed to hospital with infection in her feet.

Katie sobbed “please make this pain go away” before being taken into A&E.

She was re-cast with fresh bandages as doctors ordered her to stay in bed and keep her legs raised.

The Sun Online has approached Katie's rep for comment.

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