Kerry Katona claims she 'was told to say she was on drugs' to explain slurred speech – but it was down to her bipolar

KERRY Katona claimed that she 'was told to say she was on drugs' to explain slurred speech – which was really down to her bipolar.

The 40-year-old star said she was advised not to speak about her mental health condition, told that people would not "understand" it.

The former Atomic Kitten singer hit headlines in 2008 after she appeared on This Morning slurring her words.

At the time viewers thought she was drunk, but she explained that it was because of the medication she was on for her bipolar.

The reality star opened up about her Bipolar disorder during an Instagram Live.

She said: "Let them know you’ve done drugs or they won’t understand [my Bipolar disorder]. I didn’t know what they meant by that.

"Then I got diagnosed in 2005 and in 2008, that’s when I did the This Morning interview and I slurred my words due to my Bipolar medication.

"I realised if I was on This Morning slurring my words and I was in a wheelchair with four degree burns all over my face slurring, people would be 'aww bless her'.

"But because you can’t visually see anything wrong because it’s in here, people didn’t understand it.

"I’m glad that my story has helped others to not feel alone which I’m really happy about. I don't have to explain anything but I'm letting people know how hard mental health is."

In 2018, Kerry joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the sofa again to relive that famous interview.

She told the hosts: "I am not ashamed or embarrassed to give myself a pat on the back.

"I think I’ve done really well to overcome it [her past demons].

"There are things where I cringe, and feel embarrassed about but I’m here to talk about not feeling embarrassed or ashamed and to reach out and talk to people."

The star previously opened up about her drug abuse, admitting that she was "lost" and wanted to end her life.

Discussing her lowest points, she confessed: “I would take that much cocaine that I would pass out and have a fit hoping that I wouldn't wake up again. At that time, it was not long after being on here doing that infamous interview we did together, and ashamed and embarrassed.

"I was lost and didn’t know who I was as a person and I didn’t know how to make it alright. So the only way I thought was the easiest way and the best way for my children and for everybody else was if I ended my life.

"I felt so shameful that my children would grow up and see these horrific stories about their mum and I thought ‘I’m better off out of it’… so I constantly took lots of drugs.”

The mum-of-five appeared in good spirits as she filmed herself alongside her daughter Dylan-Jorge, yesterday.

The star, who is moving to Cheshire in the summer, said that she would love to star in her own reality show.

She exclaimed: "I want my own reality show, give me my bl***y reality show for god sake people."

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