Kerry Katona is convinced her mum's house is haunted as lights flicker on and off in terrifying video

KERRY Katona is convinced her mum's home is haunted – and she has sparked their spiritual energy – after lights kept turning on and off in her presence.

The former Atomic Kitten singer took several videos of the creepy goings on and posted them to her Instagram page, which served to completely freak out her fans.

Mum of five Kerry was at her parent Sue’s house over the Easter weekend when a table lamp next to her mum’s bed randomly kept flickering.

After catching what she believed was the evidence on video, she revealed it isn’t the first time something so unsettling has happened.

She also posted a video of her daughter DJ dancing, and said there were “so many orbs” on the footage.

Kerry, 40, said of her flickering lights: “Just so you guys have a bit of a idea…just to be clear this has been going on for years with me. I know this scares a lot of people but it always makes me smile.”

Her mum Sue added: “Just to let you all know…that's my flat and not one has any of my lights flickered/gone off since kerry left….yes I'm in 2 minds whether to let her come back.”

Several psychic mediums commented on the post with one telling the bubbly popstar she should develop her “gift.”

Medium Lyndsey Shankland said: “Love it you should definitely do more development of your gift as spirit definitely want to speak to you.”

One follower said: “This happened to me a couple of weeks ago while talking to my brother about our mam who has passed. It doesn’t frighten me I get comfort from it.”

Another said: “Talk to them, like good evening etc, I have similar happening in my house, so I great them when I get home etc, u will find u start to get a response, someone is looking out for u.”

And another follower added: “Isn’t this to a sign of someone having huge energy? This is a good sign.”

Gillian added: “A kind spirit is letting u know there with u, nothing to be scared of it’s the only way to be close to you.”

Kerry Hammond said of the orbs: “Nice to think her dad is watching over her.”

Kerry has had several family members die within the last few years.

Her mum’s sister Josie passed away in 2019 while just last month she revealed another aunt, Angela, had lost her fight with addiction.

And Kerry’s former partner and father of her youngest daughter George Kay died in 2019 following an overdose.

Her dad, Ronnie Armstrong, died in 2008.

Kerry has long believed she is being haunted.

She said on Celebs Go Dating: “‘I’ve had a ghost with me for years.

"I actually got a paranormal investigation team to come in my house.

“My lights kept blowing and I’d be lying in my bed and my TV turned on by itself. They said, “It’s OK, it’s just your auntie letting you know she’s watching over you! If it gets too much just tell her to stop”, and it did so I did and it stopped.”

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