Killing Eve: ‘I didn’t enjoy it’ Konstantin star speaks on dangerous Villanelle scene

Konstantin (played by Kim Bodnia) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) have had a tumultuous relationship throughout the previous three seasons of Killing Eve and it seems things will even get more tense. Villanelle isn’t happy with Konstantin for betraying her in season two but with the pair almost like family and caught up with The 12, they can’t escape one another.


The pair must trust one another but also be cautious of each other’s motives.

One scene which will show just how fractious their relationship is will see the pair in a cable car above Barcelona.

Speaking about the scene, actor Kim revealed he “didn’t enjoy it” as he teased more trouble with Villanelle.

“In the scene, we need a safe place to talk with nobody listening,” he explained.


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“It was a feeling of safety together with unsafeness. It was brilliant and it gives the scene a very good energy.

“I didn’t enjoy the view, I can definitely say that, but I loved the fact that the writer took the elements and put us up there in the air with a view of Barcelona all around us.”

Konstantin is currently trying to get his life and business back on track as he remains stuck in London on the orders of The 12.

He is fighting to survive and stay relevant as Villanelle tries to become a handler herself and lose his control.

“When you look into this universe of people that are strong at surviving, it is always fun to see them struggling with it because it is a fight,” Kim remarked.

“We always believe it is very easy to do what they do, and to be a person like that, but it is a very hard world.

“You have to face yourself in the mirror, look in your own eyes and be aware of what is going on to survive.

“As an actor it’s fun to go in there, to see what is actually going on in his mind and to ask the question about how to get back on track again. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what we wanted to show in this season.

“How do you get back on track when you are so damaged and you’re always meeting a new wall.”

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Addressing how Konstantin will try to deal with Villanelle and repair their relationship, Kim continued: “It’s difficult to say what’s really going on when you’re dealing with a person like Villanelle.

“We are in a very strong relationship, maybe stronger than we want to be, and somehow, we are so connected to each other.

“It’s difficult to lead her to do what I want to do and follow my plan because I don’t want her to be hurt.”


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The latest episode saw Villanelle ask Konstantin to find her family and he appeared reluctant.

Could it be because he had a big role to play in her childhood?

Kim teased: “I feel like Villanelle is one of my daughters, but it is so complex.

“How do you deal with that as a father and still be professional? It is fun to put Konstantin in these kinds of situations where he must deal with some father and daughter issues alongside his business.

“That’s wild and that’s where our relationship is right now.”

Killing Eve airs Sunday in the US and drops on BBC iPlayer Mondays at 6am.

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