Kim Basinger Pens Moving Poem About Christmas amid COVID-19 to Honor 'All the Loved Ones We've Lost'

Kim Basinger's gift to her fans this season are words of reflection as many celebrate the holidays amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a poem written by Basinger and exclusively obtained by PEOPLE, the 67-year-old actress writes about celebrating Christmas during a pandemic as the number of cases rises across the country.

"There is a very special place that has no particular choice of race, of color, creed or religious faith," she writes. "No sex or age discrimination to invite you into the dancing hall where beds are lined up against the wall and nice people offer more than any to make you feel like you’re in the Land of Plenty."

The Batman actress continued, "They hand out tickets, it’s become quite a task and for a free invite they require no mask. You’ll be greeted while observing sights not seen since the last monster virus of 1918. Upon this sterile and startling entry of an experience not had in more than one full century. Of people lying around and no one speaking as if no sound."

"Compassionate brave folk you they will take all dressed up in their suits like that movie, Outbreak," Basinger added, describing the 1995 Dustin Hoffman film about an airborne virus that threatens civilizations.

"With just that eerie pulsation from multiple beepers as the Doctors and Nurses move like seasoned beekeepers. There’ll be lots of activity, a lot of comings and goings of bodies on tables into directions of unknowing. And in this place of circumstance, you’ll find you’ve drifted in a trance wondering how we could have gotten here, with so much precaution and so much fear."

"Vulnerable souls, overwhelming reliance could've been quite, quite different," Basinger continued. "Minus Man’s Fierce Defiance. The Bells would be ringing with a much different ring from the realms of the highest, we could once again sing. And raise up our voices in laughter and glee and rejoice of love and all it can be."

"But for now, it all will have to wait. We first have to learn how to appreciate all the riches that we’ve all been given, sprinkling down on us all from season to season," she wrote. "We have to open our hearts, the only true way we see how to walk through this life with humility. We have to remember how our actions have costs, all the pain we’ve inflicted-all the loved ones we’ve lost. Until that moment when the light finds its way, as we inch toward the future to a much better day."

These days Basinger keeps a relatively low-profile although the actress is a passionate advocate for animal rights.

In July 2019, Basinger made a rare appearance in South Korea where she spoke at a press conference for the Animal Protection Act alongside South Korean politician Pyo Chang-won.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in March, millions of Americans have been infected. In December alone, 4.5 million people in the U.S. had the virus.

The U.S. has also broken its own record for COVID hospitalizations nearly every day since early November. As of Dec. 22, 115,351 Americans were hospitalized with COVID-19, the most of the entire pandemic, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

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