Kim Kardashian Makes Mom Kris Jenner Act Like a Self-Obsessed Artist in Epic Prank

Kris Jenner may be the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner crew, but roles are reversed on Kim Kardashian West‘s new prank show You Kiddin’ Me.

On Saturday’s episode of the new Facebook Watch show, Kim and sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian trick their mom into thinking she’s going to an art gallery to critique the work, but she soon learns she’s actually the featured artist on display.

Armed with an earpiece, Kris has to say everything her children want her to — including demanding multiple squirts of hand sanitizer and openly talking about how beautiful she is.

“I’ve been painting my entire life,” Kris says in a pre-written speech after being introduced as artist Kris Jenné. “First it was watercolors in grade school and then it was my nails in high school. Now it’s real paint on canvas.”

But mid-speech, Kendall hits a button that lets out a loud burping sound.

“Excuse me!” says Kris as the crowd looks around confused. “Sorry about that.”

And as Kris Jenné’s bizarre pieces of art are introduced, the reality star is forced to describe them.

“It’s called a balanced meal,” she says of a sculpture made up of just pots and pans. “I’ve been working on it for five years.”

Kris, 62, can barely hold it together as Kourtney forces her to tell the crowd her favorite pot is “the one I peed in. Hashtag #Jenné.”

Along with her unique sculptures, she also presented a painting titled “Selfie Goddess” and “Chariots of Desire” each featuring members of her famous family.

“I get very inspired by myself,” Kris tells the crowd.

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When a staged actor pretending to be a critique asks Kris about her art, she pretends to get upset and throws a trantrum.

“No one talks to Kris Jenner that way!” she says as she smashes a sculpture. “Don’t they know who I am?!”

But perhaps the most bizarre and hilarious moment comes when the girls force their mother to ride on the back of a shirtless man while dressed in angel wings.

“I am the bird mother!” she yells as she climbs into a human-sized nest and plays the bogo drums.

Finally, Kourntey, Kendall and Kim come out and reveal that the entire night has been one giant prank!



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