Kim, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick slammed for 'cultural appropriation' after kids perform Māori haka dance

KEEPING Up With The Kardashians fans in New Zealand are not happy with the famous siblings, accusing Kim and Kourtney of cultural appropriation.

No strangers to accusations of cultural appropriation, the Kardashians are in hot water again, this time for doing the Māori Haka on TikTok.

Scott shared a video of his daughter Penelope with two friends, and cousins North and Saint West, performing the traditional war dance from New Zealand during his sons' Reign and Mason's birthday party.

He captioned it: "TikTok ya don't stop. Ain't got nothing on us!"

Furious social media users labelled the dance as “cultural appropriation and disrespect.”

One angry New Zealander wrote: “how about you teach your kids Native American culture before incorrectly teaching them our cultural haka”.

While New Zealanders rushed to slam the Kardashian clan for dancing the Haka, some Māori leaders think it might help promote their culture globally.

“On the one hand, it's a great thing. On the other hand, I would love to have a conversation with them about what the haka means and what motivated them to do it,” Māori Council executive director Matthew Tukaki told Star News.

But he also added that you can do the Haka if you mean well and aren't just chasing likes on social media.

“It has to be done with true intent. It's not just something that's good for Instagram or social media,” Tukaki added.

The Star News also described the children's pronunciation of the lyrics as "beautiful".

Kim and Kourtney have both been previously accused of cultural appropriation, as has their sister Kylie Jenner who was slammed earlier this year for wearing twists in her hair.

Kourtney came under fire for "cultural appropriation" because she compared herself to Disney's Moana during Kim's birthday getaway in October.

The 41-year-old was slammed for sharing the controversial Instagram post from Marlon Brando's resort in Tahiti.

"I am Moana of Motunui," Kourtney captioned the bikini-clad snap of her posing on the beach – but her 102 million followers weren't impressed.

Some fans accused Kourt of appropriation because Moana is from Polynesia, an area which includes Hawaii, Tonga and Tahiti.

Kourtney's late father had Armenian heritage while her mom Kris Jenner is of Dutch, English, German and Scottish descent. 

Kim herself was knocked when she decided to wear hair braids to Paris Fashion Week in March this year.

However, the star divided opinion, with many people accusing her of cultural appropriation.

One person said: "I wish I was as determined to do anything as Kim Kardashian is to appropriate black hairstyles"

Another added: "Seeing non-black women wearing historically black hairstyles like its some fun trend is appropriation. And what’s worse is when they change the name to make it their own. Remember when Kim Kardashian called African banku knots “space buns”

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