KUWTK reunion trailer features Khloe Kardashian revealing if she believes baby daddy Tristan Thompson will cheat AGAIN

KHLOE Kardashian opened up about her cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson in the reunion special, as she speculated whether or not he would be unfaithful yet again.

The Keeping With The Kardashian's star recently faced more cheating claims after another woman recently emerged alleging she shared a sexual relationship with the basketball player.

Khloe, 36, opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Tristan, 30, during the family's reunion interview with Andy Cohen.

The Bravo executive asked the reality star: "When Tristan first cheated on you, how did you know it wouldn't be done again."

The TV personality then nodded before stating her reply, which will be revealed once the special airs on June 17th.

Khloe has faced multiple cases of infidelity with her baby daddy, and most recently encountered claims that a woman named Sydney Chase had a sexual relationship with him after their reconciliation.

While appearing on a podcast, the Instagram model alleged that she was sleeping with the athlete, who was reportedly lying about being single.

Tristan since clapped back, accusing Sydney of being a “liar" for saying they had a months-long sexual relationship.

A second woman, named Kimberly Alexander, has also caused trouble as she has repeatedly claimed that the Boston Celtics player is the father of her son.

Earlier this week, the woman "faked" a DM from Khloe, and the Good American founder has since threatened to sue her and sent her a cease and desist letter.

Despite the various claims made against her man, Khloe has decidedly stuck by his side thus far.

On Wednesday, Sydney took to Instagram to share a few sexy photos as she enjoyed a boat day with friends.

While wearing a neon pink swimsuit and see through pants, the alleged mistress captioned her shot: "Got a lot more winning, a lot more living to do."

Fans flooded the comments with questions about her "affair", one asking: "So what happened with the Tristan fiasco? You still going after him for lying?"

"Did you call Tristan? Or is he there hidding with you?" a second inquired.

In a recent clip for KUWTK, Khloe shared her reservations over moving to Boston alongside Tristan.

After Kim noted: "He definitely wants you to move there, though," the mom of one explained the benefits Covid had on their relationship.

"Covid was great for our relationship, just spending so much time and working on certain things.

"I totally get why he wants me to move to Boston. He's there all by himself. We've spent so much time together during Covid."

Later, in a confessional, Khloe explained further how moving would "uproot" her daughter True, three years old, from their entire life in California.

"I am more open to the idea of a future with me and Tristan, but uprooting to a completely different state is challenging for adults, but especially toddlers.

"I think there's been so much change for True right now. I just don't want to uproot her and remove her of all the things she's familiar with and stabilize her."

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