Latvia Eurovision 2022 lyrics: What are the lyrics to Citi Zeni’s Eat Your Salad?

Eurovision: Latvia's Citi Zēni perform 'Eat Your Salad' in rehearsal

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The theme for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is The Sound of Beauty and will see show-stopping performances. One will be from Latvian band Citi Zēni. They will perform their single Eat Your Salad in the first semi-final.

Latvia first debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, and the country has participated every year since then.

Their best result was for their performance in 2002, where they won with the song I Wanna by Marie N.

This year Citi Zēni who are an award-winning, six-piece band from Riga, which was formed at the beginning of 2020, will be hoping to take the country to victory once again.

Self-proclaimed “Princes of Rap” and “Divas of 21st Century Pop” are well known for their energetic performances, eccentric style and cheeky song lyrics.

The band released their debut album, Suņi Iziet Ielās, and have already started work on the follow-up album, which they are planning to release a second single from after Eurovision.

Jānis is their vocalist, with Dagnis contributing to the vocals and saxophone, Reinis on the keyboard, Krišjānis playing the guitar, Roberts giving bass, and Toms on the drums.

Their music style can be seen as a mixture of R&B, groove, jazz and even Neo-soul that end up being covered by satire, fun and originality.

They describe themselves as a band who’s not afraid of taking on different adventures but needs to do it while being “sexy and green”.

The band revealed the song was created “to make a hard topic easy to digest and fun to listen to”.

The main inspiration for the song was a contestant on a Latvian TV cooking show who convinced him to change Jānis’ views on the environment.

During the song, it talks about the attractiveness of being vegan and eco-friendly living, with the first verse talking about eco-friendly things the group does.

The second verse is filled with numerous sexual references, referring to an eco-friendly woman the group is attracted to.

The chorus combines the messages of veganism and how the character is sexually desirable.

The translated lyrics read: “Instead of meat I eat veggies and…I like them both fresh, like them both juicy.

“I ride my bicycle to work instead of a car, all of my groceries are divided by weight and stored in glass jars (Yeah).

“Got my reusable bag, that swag, my flex, my flag, zero waste, that is my jam, save fuel and sell your truck, the karma comes for free, and so does luck.

“All aboard the green Titanic, let‘s sail the world and then cruise the Atlantic, no ice in the way, no need to panic, all the signs are there, let‘s go organic.

“Oh, when you eat your veggies, baby, think of me, little kitty, don‘t you know that being green is cool?

“Know that being green is hot (It‘s hot), being green is cool (It‘s cool), eat your salad, save the planet, being green is sexy as faa, being green is hot (It‘s hot).

“Being green is cool (It‘s cool), eat your salad, save the planet, being green is sexy as you, ring, ring, God damn, it‘s an exam (Let‘s go)

“Get your trash can, no back-up plan and sort through it, bend over, then jiggle that peach (Ayy), you recyclin‘ while I‘m loving those cheeks (That‘s sweet), I‘m a beast instead of a killer, forget the hot dogs (What).

“‘Cause my sausage is bigger, three, two, one, all the girls go eco, if you want your man‘s tongue longer than a gecko‘s, oh, when you eat your veggies, baby, think of me.

“Little kitty, don‘t you know that being green is cool? Know that being green is hot (It‘s hot, being green is cool (It‘s cool), eat your salad, save the planet, being green is sexy as faa.”

Eurovision Song Contest airs tonight from 8pm on BBC Three.

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