Lauren Goodger reveals her pregnancy has healed the bitter feud with her estranged dad

LAUREN Goodger has revealed that being pregnant has helped to heal the bitter feud with her dad.

The 34-year-old had been estranged from her dad for some time, but was delighted he got in touch when the news broke she was expecting her first baby with Charlies Drury.

The former Towie star didn’t tell her dad he was set to be a granddad and let him wait to find out with everyone else, saying she “couldn’t be bothered” with her family.

But that has all changed following her happy announcement, as they have reached out to her and shown her support.

Speaking to new magazine, she said:  “I was on the bed and I went, “My dad’s ringing me” and Charlie said, ‘Go on, answer.’ I was on the phone for a while. I could tell he [Charlie] was really happy.”

She went on to say: “It’s his first grandchild and on my dad’s side I’m the eldest. This is the first baby on their side in 18 years. We’ve got a group chat that my sister’s made and they can’t wait. They said they can’t wait to do babysitting duties.”

Lauren admitted her dad “hates” the fame side of her life and she has a difficult relationship with her stepmum, but that looks like it could be back on track as she has invited the couple over for dinner.

Discussing her relationship with her dad, she explained: “I left my dad when I was younger. I did my own thing, lived with my mum, got into a very serious relationship at 15 and went back and forth between his and my mum’s.

“My dad lost that relationship with me, so we don’t actually know each other that well, but I know that he loves me. Even my dad’s mum, we’ll chat on the phone and there’s a lot of childhood memories and she says, ‘Your dad does love you.’”

Yesterday Lauren revealed she is expecting a baby girl and is thrilled about having a “mini-me”.

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