Line of Duty creator reveals every 'invisible' change the show has had to make in season 6 due to coronavirus

LINE of Duty creator Jed Mercurio has revealed every 'invisible' change the show has had to make in season 6 because of coronavirus.

Mercurio spoke of how everything from set rebuilding to scene rewrites had taken place to ensure the latest series could continue filming.

The successful BBC show features Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston as members of the police anti-corruption unit.

The trio and other cast members were forced to stop filming season six episodes in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, before resuming in Belfast in September.

Explaining how they had adapted to ensure cast and crew were kept safe, Mercurio told the Sunday Times: "If we can do a scene outdoors rather than indoors then that's really helpful for social distancing, and virus transmission is thought to be much lower outdoors."

Even the infamous glass room in which suspects are grilled for hours by DI Kate Fleming (McClure), Superintendent Ted Hastings (Dunbar) and DS Steve Arnott (Compston) had to be adapted.

Mercurio, a former hospital doctor, explained: "We have created much more ventilation around that box and altered how we go about shooting it.

"The cameras are further away and we're using remote control cameras, so the crew can be some distance away."

He added: "We've subtly increased the table size, so the actors are further apart and, when they're not in shot, we have Perspex screens between them.

"Our intention is that all these things will be invisible."

It is currently hoped the new series will air sometime in 2021.

Kelly MacDonald is also joining the cast for the new series.

She will play Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson, the senior investigating officer of an unsolved murder, who raises suspicions at AC-12.

Other new cast members include Shalom Brune-Franklin, Perry Fitzpatrick, Andi Osho and Prasanna Puwanarajah.

Mercurio recently gave fans a first look of Arnott, Fleming and Hastings 'grilling a bent copper' on the set of season six.

The first picture saw the team looking stern-faced as they lined up in front of a desk, ready to interrogate a suspect.

The second Twitter snap showed the trio with their heads down and clearly exhausted from their interrogation.

Jed captioned the images with the words: "#LineofDuty6 Grilling a bent copper … before and after".

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