Little People star Matt Roloff's girlfriend Caryn ‘wants extravagant TV wedding’ but his ex Amy ‘will be BANNED'

LITTLE People Big World's Caryn Chandler wants an extravagant televised wedding with boyfriend Matt Roloff – but his ex Amy would likely be BANNED from the ceremony, a source exclusively told The Sun.

The TLC reality stars, who went public with their relationship in 2017, have been "talking about marriage" as they continue to build their dream home on Roloff Farms.

And while Matt has not proposed yet, an insider says Caryn, 53, is keen to settle down and would want a blow out big day with “no expense spared.”

The source exclusively told The Sun: "Caryn said they've talked about marriage but she thinks Matt wouldn't drop any hints of a proposal, it would be a huge surprise.

"They are very much in love and it will happen soon, they have been planning for the future for a while now.

"Caryn is the type to go with the flow, so she's not going to continuously talk about it, but she would absolutely say yes.

"The wedding would be a huge family affair, but Amy would not be invited. That's a big fat no, Caryn seriously dislikes her.

"But it would be an unforgettable day, Caryn goes all out and she'd want an extravagant wedding, and Matt likes to spend money so there shouldn't be a problem there."

The source added: "She's been married once before but being with Matt and being on the show, it would have to be a blow out day.

"I think they will televise their engagement, their planning of the wedding, then the day itself, it'll be multiple episodes, possibly even a whole series, that's how it rolls."

A source previously said how Caryn has purchased a new home as she waits for Matt to build her dream house on their farm.

She is refusing to move into the property once occupied by him and his ex, Amy, due to their strained relationship.

On Little People, Big World in March, Caryn also told the cameras: “I would never live in the big house. Ever. Put a pin in that."

Matt, 59, owns and runs Roloff Farms, which is known for its famous pumpkin season, in Oregon.

He captioned a series of snaps earlier this year: "New house designed with permits submitted. Farm is under control. New Covid cleaning procedures in place… Now time to catch my breath… before real summer work begins."

Caryn, who has two children with ex Joseph Chandler, Brittany and Connor,used to fight with her partner over her job at the farm, where she worked as an assistant, before getting together with Matt.

Her new love's divorce from Amy, mother of his four children – Jeremy and Zachary, both 32, Molly, 26, Jacob, 23, was finalized in May 2016 after thirty years of marriage.

Amy vacated the farmhouse four months after receiving a payout of $667k from her ex-husband.

She is now engaged to realtor Chris Marek, and purchased a five-bed, four-bath, 3,767 square-foot home in Hillsboro, Oregon for $588,500.

The Sun has reached out to Caryn and Matt's reps for comment.

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