Loose Women's Carol McGiffin reveals Piers Morgan has blocked her on Twitter after she furiously branded him 'deluded'

LOOSE Women's Carol McGiffin has a new "feather in her cap" after Piers Morgan blocked her on Twitter.

Carol, 60, shared a screenshot showing the Good Morning Britain presenter had blocked after she labelled him "deluded" about the coronavirus pandemic.

Things kicked off between the pair when Carol replied to Piers' tweet warning the pandemic was far from over.

He originally tweeted: "To everyone on here deluding themselves that Covid is ‘over’, take a look at Spain’s case & death rate in the past week.

"Then wake the f*ck up. This pandemic has barely started."

But the Loose Women panellist was not happy with the 55-year-old's take and attempted to shut him down.

She replied: "Piers. The only deluded person around here is you. No one’s buying your hysterical bulls**t anymore.

"You did a brilliant job of scaring the nation into paralysis but it’s over now."

That was all it took for Piers to block Carol, who carried on retweeting people who agreed with her point of view.

One of the retweets said: "Piers you’ve been flying abroad, mixing with people, approving of your son attending a BLM march – if you genuinely believed this virus was some kind of deadly plague you would do none of those things stop your irresponsible scaremongering you’re destroying people’s mental health."

Another of one of her followers said being blocked by Piers was a rite of passage, writing: "This is a feather in your cap."

But some of her followers disagreed and took Piers's side.

One Twitter user wrote: "To many people are carrying on like the virus never existed.. it’s not gone any where and won’t be any time soon !! We need to adapt our lives to stay healthy and stop the spread."

And a second added: "You don’t speak for me. I agree with piers."

Carol's reaction to Piers' blocking her come just days after she commented that people's lack of tolerance on social does not annoy her.

She said in a The Sun Online exclusive: "Everyone’s got access to social media and people seem to be getting less tolerant of those who don’t agree or who see the world in a different way.

"I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest."

Her comments came after she thought she would receive more negativity for revealing she had two abortions.

Carol, who married long-term partner Mark Cassidy, 38, in February 2018 and was previously wed to Virgin Radio’s Chris Evans, admitted on Loose Women that she was so against having children she has had two abortions.

Carol was 38 when she had the second termination and some viewers criticised her for being selfish.

She said: "My co-panellists Kaye Adams, Judi Love and Jane Moore talked about their decisions to have children and I, not for the first time, talked about my reasons for not having them.

"The main reason was seeing my mum struggle with four kids under six years old, on her own, with no money, after my dad left.

"I knew I didn’t ever want that from a very young age.

"I always feel that women who choose not to procreate are endlessly having to explain themselves, whereas women who choose to have children don’t."

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