Loose Women's Saira Khan says Janet Street Porter should 'give her CBE back' as they have spat over Royals two minutes after going on air

The Apprentice star challenged Janet after just two minutes of being on air, leaving co-presenter Christine Bleakley looking extremely uncomfortable.

The show opened with a discussion about the Duchess Of Cambridge's immaculate appearance after giving birth to her third child yesterday.

While Coleen, Saira and Christine are all clearly fans of the Royals, Janet set herself apart by commenting: "All these royalists and me."

Saira pointed out that Janet was "the one with the title" referring to the CBE she got from the Queen back in 2016.

She told the outspoken journalist:  "You liked it enough to go up there and get it. You could give it back" but Janet insisted: "No I earned it."

Christine was left with the task of diffusing the tension, joking to viewers: "We've only been on the TV two minutes."

Janet previously revealed how she was in disbelief after getting a letter about her accolade from Buckingham Palace.

She said back in 2016: "I was astonished, I thought it was a practical joke.

"It was a surprise because I've been quite outspoken about the Royal Family over the years – but never about the Queen."

Recounting her big moment, she told viewers  she was taken aside to “rehearse” what to do when she got to the Palace, revealing her shock as she wasn’t even handed a coffee.

She recalled: “I rehearsed it. I said 'look, I do a live TV show, surely three steps and a bob can’t be that difficult'.”

Speaking about the Queen’s reaction, Janet said: “Her sign for ‘your time’s up’ is she shakes your hand then gives you a little push away.”


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