Lorraine host Ranvir Singh mortified as she's forced on air with 'big hair' after losing track of time

LORRAINE host Ranvir Singh was left mortified this morning as she was forced on air with "big hair" after losing track of time.

The 43-year-old star is covering the show while presenter Lorraine Kelly enjoys an Easter break – and Ranvir was caught off guard when she was needed on set for the usual live link during Good Morning Britain.

She surprised GMB hosts Kate Garraway and Adil Ray with her unfinished look, admitting she'd had to race to the studio from her dressing room.

The star explained that she'd become engrossed by Kate and Adil's interview with a US couple who adopted a baby they'd found on the subway shortly before she was due on.

Seeing herself on camera, Ranvir gasped: "My hair's a bit big!" while Adil laughed.

She went on: "I was in my dressing room and I was too busy watching that interview, they were like: 'You've got to be upstairs in the studio!' so I had to run in because I was so captivated by the interview."

Kate chuckled in response: "Never apologise for big hair with me, Ranvir."

The former Strictly star replied: "Yours is looking quite tame this morning, Kate – I'm disappointed", to which her pal retorted: "Well, compared to yours!"

And Ranvir could hardly live down her embarrassment, referencing her 'do again as she told viewers: "Shall I tell you what's coming up on the show? Apart from sorting my hair out!"

Adil also got involved with the laughter, saying: "I thought this was a new thing – I think Lorraine, when she's back, she should come and do the tease with rollers in her hair like she's still getting ready."

Ranvir giggled: "Can I just say, it was very close to actually being that!"

Thankfully, the star had plenty of time to finish her grooming before Lorraine kicked off at 9am, and had much sleeker locks as she hosted the show.

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