Lorraine viewers left ‘cringing’ at ‘awkward’ Christine Lampard interview

ITV morning show Lorraine caused viewers too be unimpressed with guest host Christine Lampard this morning as she interviewed Awkwafina about her key role on Shang-Chi, which has seen her be transformed into a superhero action figure.

The pair joked around about the new superhero action figure being made of the Golden Globe winner which Awkwafina made fun of the hand of the person holding the doll. Christine found this extremely laughable and fans took to twitter to complain about her ‘awkward, fake laughing’.

Fans posted: “Can’t deal with all the laughing. I’m so grumpy today”

“This interview is awks, and the fake laughing is cringing on a Hollywood scale.”

“Lampards fake laughing is painful”

The awkwardness continued as an Instagram post about The Crazy Rich Asian star dog in clothing was shown. Awkwafina defended the image of her dog, saying: “he’s not wearing a paper towel”. Which the pair continued to laugh and wind fans up.

Christine Lampard is one of the guest presenters filling in for Lorraine Kelly who will be returning next week on September 1, to kick of the new Autumn series.

On Thursday's show Christine Lampard interviewed Jo O'meara t Strictly Come Dancing professional, Amy Dowden about her new documentary about living with Chron's disease. Amy explained over video call that she celebrated after being diagnosed due to being relieved to finally know what was wrong and to be able to move on and live with it.

She said: "The documentary is to educate and gain more awareness of Chron's. I'm Amy the dancer and Chron's doesn't define me."

Christine sympathised with the 31 year old over video call.

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