Louis shocked as ‘jealous’ singer who could have been in 1D returns to X Factor

Louis Tomlinson gets a blast from the past in tonight’s X Factor when he is reunited with a returning contestant.

The new judge recognises Tom Richards as soon as he walks onto the stage and looks very surprised to see him.

Tom, 24, first met Louis during their time at Boot Camp in 2010, but they have both gone on very different paths.

While Louis has found global success on the biggest stage, Tom has been forced back to singing at clubs and even funerals.

Opening up before his return to the X Factor stage, Tom confesses that he is "jealous" because there was a chance he could have been placed in One Direction.

The boyband’s line-up could have been very different if Simon Cowell had picked Tom to join the lads.

When Tom appears in front of him, surprised Louis asks: "How are you lad? We know each other. You auditioned the same year as me."

Tom, from South Wales, claims he has "unfinished business" with the show so is back after eight years in the wilderness.

He auditioned back in 2010 at the age of 16 but failed to get passed the Judges’ Houses stage.

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Speaking about what could have been, he says: "At Boot Camp that year One Direction was formed.

"I’m not saying I could have been in One Direction, but there was a slight possibility I could have been and my life would have been quite different today.

"At the time we were just kids. We had no absolutely idea they would go on and have the careers they did.

"After the show when they made a success my life went back to normal pretty quickly. I’m a little bit jealous I think, just a little bit."

The Welsh singer is hoping for another chance at finding success – and now the power lies with his old friend.

Tom belts out his rendition of James Bay’s Let It Go for the judges.

Will Louis and his fellow judges send Tom through to the next round?

*The X Factor airs tonight on ITV at 8.30pm

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